Zebrawood Information & Technical Specs

Zebrawood is one of the more distinct exotic flooring options in the market. The Zebrawood information below will tell you more about this African flooring and lumber option.

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Photo zebrawood lumber
Description Zebrawood heartwood is a golden-yellow with narrow veining or streaks of dark brown to black which gives quartered surfaces a zebra-stripe appearance. Grain is interlocked or wavy and produces alternating hard and soft grained material. Texture is coarse with a lustrous surface.

Weight is about 46lbs per cu. ft.

Typical Width = 5" to 10"
Typical Length = 8' to 14'
Country of Origin

West Africa (Cameroon. Congo, & Gabon)

Botanical Name Microberlinia Brazzavillensis
Other Names Zebrano, Zingana, Allene, Ele, Amouk
Mechanical Properties Used primarily for decorative purposes where strength and mechanical properties are unimportant.
Working Properties Works easily with hand and power tools, although its alternating grain structure makes it difficult to achieve a good machine finish. Gluing is satisfactory with care. Finishes well when filled.
Durability Non-durable. Susceptible to insect attack. Resistant to preservative treatment.
Seasoning Difficult to dry and requires care in order to avoid surface checking, splitting and distortion. Small movement.
Uses Mainly used as decorative veneer, cross bandings or inlay. Fancy goods, marquetry and paneling.
Comments A belt sander will achieve a smooth machine finish.